Create and populate a local catalog

Learning objectives:
  • learn how to share a catalog without a URL

If you want to collect your solutions inside a catalog but don't want to make it public you can create a local catalog, for example on your local hard drive or a network drive.

Task 1 - Create a catalog that lives on your local hard drive.

Create a new catalog on your hard drive:

  • it is as easy as:
    album clone template:catalog [catalog-dir] [catalog-name]

Task 2 - Add your catalog to your album installation!

Add the catalog to your collection:

  • For Album to recognise your new catalog you have to add it to your local collection of catalogs with the following command:
    album add-catalog [repo-url]

Task 3 - Deploy your solution to the catalog!

Deploy your solution into the catalog:

  • You can now address the catalog by the name it carries and deploy solutions to it
  • Simply run the following command:
    album deploy [solution-path] [catalog-name]

Task 4 - Don't forget to update and upgrade your Album!

Upgrade your local version of the catalog

  • Your solution is now part of the remote catalog (e.g. check it in github/gitlab). To synchronise your local catalog managed by Album with the remote, run the following commands:
    album update [catalog-name]
    album upgrade [catalog-name]