What is album?

With album you can easily share your (scientific) solutions with others. Solutions are organized in catalogs.

How does that work?

album can be used via command line or via graphical interface (album-app). Catalogs can live in a git repo or a local folder, for example on a network drive. Adding a catalog will extend your local collection of solutions. Solutions are executed in their own versioned environments.

What does writing a solution look like?

Click here, I will show you.

Someone shared a solution with me, how do I run it?

Here is a rundown of the available options.


sharing favourite solutions across tools and domains

album is a decentralized distribution platform for solutions to specific scientific problems. It works across platforms, tools, and data domains and is designed to address limitations in reproducibility of scientific data software solutions and workflows, particularly when interactivity is needed. album can be used to programmatically define how to interoperate between applications. It can ship versatile applications while tweaking them for a specific target audience or use case.

Albrecht, J.P.*, Schmidt, D.*, and Harrington, K., 2021. Album: a framework for scientific data processing with software solutions of heterogeneous tools. arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.00601.

* authors have contributed equally


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